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Happy Holi 2019 Images Whatsapp Quotess Shayri | Wish To All Friends | Happy Holi Shayri 2019


Happy Holi 2019 in advance to all. This is the festival of colors and joy. The Holi is celebrated why there is a historical story behind this festival. There are awesome thoughts given below for 2019 shayri share these thoughts with friends and make a wish to happy holi to your friends. The festival of holi is all about hope, faith and of course, colors! These colors represent happiness, joy and different segments of life.

In this day people wake up early morning and they take a bath and ready with their new clothes. Most children enjoy this festival because they play with a water balloon and colors. The children wear white clothes majorly and play with their friends and they do lots of masti during that time. While during play with colors there are some important facts which all have to remember because we have to play with natural colors, not any chemical colors. Chemical colors give a lot of damage to our skin and eyes. There is also happen skin problem for a lifetime so please avoid the chemical colors and play with the natural colors. There is a program in big cities with DJ Sound they play a holi with friends dancing, playing garba and lots of other funs doing by young people. At night time Holika Dahan is done in every society. All people are praying at that time. We know the holi festival is related to our God Krishna. He played a holi with gopi at those times. During this festival,l if we go to Krishna temple than there is unique importance of that and our all wishes come true. 


May The Vivid Colours Of The Holi
Decorate Your Life
and Your Family
With Colours of Happiness and Fun.
Happy Holi My Dear.
Bright Colors, Water Balloons,
Lovish Gujiyas and Melodious Songs,
Are The Ingredients of Perfect Holi.
Wishing You a Very Happy Holi.
Dete hain Aapko Hum Dil Se Ye Duaayein,
Holi Ke Rang Aapke Jeevan Mein Bhar Jayein,
Aapke Sabhi Sapne Chutki Mein Poore Hon,
Aapke Jeevan Mein Dukh Kabhi Na Aayein.
Happy Holi.
 "Happy Holi 2019 Images WhatsappQuotess Shayri"

Our main celebration of this festival is with friends and families. All have a holiday so enjoy the full day in the group some of the best breakfast made during this day. I hope that enjoy this day with natural colors so your health or skin problem may be avoided by doing these. Therefore I recommended that this festival comes every year and is for one day only so don't play with chemical colors because for fun we can get skin problem for our lifetime so be awareness regardless this color. Holi festival is celebrated mostly in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. On other places its played but normally but which I mention the states they play full day. Many people are not playing holi because of afraid of skin problems because all friends are not good someone in our circle have in their hand chemical colors. I also not playing more holi from last many years. When I child than I also play a more and really enjoy music with friends the whole day.


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